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Question by hot_female_15: Coins please help me to figure out if they are worth anything?
i bought a bag of coins for 5 dollars at a yard sale and i was wondering if you could tell me if they are worth anything.
i got,
1934 union pacific
1963 1cent bundesrepublik deutschland deutsche mark f
1991 commonwealth of the bahamas 25 cents
1958 elizabeth 11 dei gratia regina kg 5 cents
2002 euro 50 cent and 10 cent
1998 commonwealth of the bahamas 1 cent
1987 elizabeth 11 d.g. regina 1.00
1950f bundesrepublik deutschland 1 pfennio
1960 republique francaise 1 franc
1983 bermuda elizabeth 11 five cents
1997 elizabeth d g reg f d fifty pence
2004 euro 5 cent
1986 republic de venezuela 5 centimos
1996 estados unidos mexicanos 10 cents om

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Answer by exactduke
I suspect these have already been picked over, and are worth no more than you paid for them. But ya never know. Go to the library or bookstore & get
The Official Red Book
A Guide Book
of World Coins.

This book should help you determine what (if anything) you've got.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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